Acacia Lodge no.315
North Augusta, South Carolina
Ancient Free Masons
of South Carolina

Greetings from the East

We have had our third meeting of the year and we are getting ready for our first EA Degree. We have 2 candidates to confer this Degree on and we have other petitions out for future Degrees. Brothers come out and join us.

Thank you Bro. George Stickler for "shooting" that missile under the driveway so that additional electric power can be run to the barbecue pit. This work was much appreciated.

In case I forgot to mention it earlier we now have a waterfall hanging in the south above the Junior Warden. Thanks to Brother Tom Hill and our traveling Brother Steve Fishman of Webb Lodge of Augusta.

Brothers at our March communication the Brothers from Aiken Lodge #156 came out in force to retake their Lodge flag and to capture ours. These visits are great fun and are filled with our teachings: Friendship, Brotherly Love and Affection.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Bill Driver