Acacia Lodge no.315
North Augusta, South Carolina
Ancient Free Masons
of South Carolina

Greetings from the East


This will be my last communication as your Worshipful Master. When I started my Masonic journey, thirty-some years ago, I was content to sit on the the sidelines and work in the quarry without any recognition. Several of our Past Masters offered me the chance to get in the line, but I was still content to site on the sides. But finally WB Mike Terry said he needed someone to fill a chair and I agreed, thinking it was only for a year but I enjoyed myself so much that I wanted to continue my journey to the East.

Thank you WB Mike.

There is no way I could ever thank all the brethren who assisted me in my journey. From the youngest EA to the oldest MM, all I can say is thank you all for your support.

Brethren I leave the East with the knowledge that all the incoming officers are fully capable of managing our beloved Lodge. Thank you all to the incoming officers for all your help these past years and I wish you continued success in the coming years.

In closing brethren, I will be back on the sidelines content to work in the quarry, but will be there if you need me.

Thanks to all the Acacia Lodge Brothers.

Sincerely and Fraternally

William A. Driver