Acacia Lodge no.315
North Augusta, South Carolina
Ancient Free Masons
of South Carolina

Greetings from the East


First, I want to thank you for allowing me to serve as your Worshipful Master.  I'm humbled and honoredto serve you in this position.  I'd also like to thank you for the wonderful turnout for the public installation and our January communication.  As you know, at the open installation, we had to bring chairs in to the lodge room.  At our regular communication I think there was probably a max of 10 empty chairs.  It was great to see and I hope we can continue to enjoy the fellowship that is so enjoyable with that many people together.  Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Unfortunately, my first official function as Worshipful Master was the funeral service for Brother Dave Kichline.  For those that don't know, his funeral service was December 31st.  Please keep his widow, Mrs. Edna Kichline, and his family in your prayers as they go through the grieving process.  Thank you to all who showed up for the service.  It was a great turnout and much appreciated by myself and the family.

We have work coming up!  On January 20th, Sean Battle with be passed to the degree of FC.  On February 10, Mark Owen will be initiated as an EA.  Let's all come out and have a real show of support for these two as they join our Brotherhood.  It'd be great to have the lodge full like previously discussed.  Imagine the thrill it would be for the candidates to see the lodge room full!!  Work starts at 7 PM.  We'll eat after the first part of the degree.  Hope to see you there.  If you need a ride, call me!

I look forward to a good year.  With your help, we will have a GREAT year!

Food for thought:  Now, a bad, cruel, malicious, revengeful disposition, anevil heart, a lying tongue, a depraved mind, are greater deformities than a crooked body or a hump on the back.  They are much sorer misfortunes, and make those afflicted with them more miserable; and we ought the more to pity them.*  

*Quote of Albert Pike, taken from the book, "Albert Pike, The Man Beyond the Monument" by Jim Tresner.

With Sincere Friendship and Brotherly Love, 

Jon Majerus, WM